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June 2018

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) is seeking government approval to extend visa exemptions for Western European tourists. According to the head of the VNAT Nguyen Van Tuan, the visa exemption policy for visitors from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain will expire on July 1 this year so the administration has proposed extending the policy.After nine months since the visa exemption policy was applied, the number of visitors travels to Vietnam from these five countries have sharply increased.In the first

Nowadays, when you are tacking the luxury traveler, you encounter a new kind of segmentation: the casual luxury traveler. He is looking for some more affordable kind of luxury services, while still seeking a high quality and personalization that he is ready to pay the price for. The Rise Of Casual Luxury Travelers And How to Respond to Their NeedsThere is a fine line between the no-limit luxury travelers and the casual luxury travelers, and a distinction that we can make.

Luxury Travel is excited to be nominated for the fifth time as Asia’s Leading Tour Operator, Vietnam’s Leading Tour Operator and this year, as Asia’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator as well. Luxury Travel opened their offices in 2004 and was the very first luxury tour operator and DMC in Vietnam. Today,  14 years later, and many nominations after, Luxury Travel still stands in the big league.Each year the World Travel Awards celebrates individual and collective successes within each key geographical

How Travel agents should be crafting packages to attract bleisure travelers.What Is All About The Bleisure Travel Trend?Bleisure Travel allows the Business Travelers to combine business with leisure in one same trip. It helps to find the right balance between work fulfillment and personal gratification while combining the work commitments with happiness in discovering a new place and giving even more purpose to their travel. If we try to build the profile of an average bleisure traveler, it would be a