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We are committed to operating with the highest standards of service and professionalism, while continuing to improve on the qualities that make us not just good, but great.

Travel consultants follow a specially devised training program to develop their expertise in all aspects of travel, as well as to perfect their customer care skills. We personally check the hotels, resorts and restaurants, and we listen to the client’s requirements in order to deliver the right itineraries and experiences.

We are proud to report that we have a 99% satisfaction rate with much of our business coming from referrals and business network recommendations. Our industry and consumer awards are testimony to our excellent reputation and that is why more than 60% of our clients are repeat visitors.


Mr. Pham Ha, Founder/CEO

As a child, Ha had always dreamed of travelling around the world. After graduating from Hanoi Teachers’ Training College and National Economics University, Ha worked as a teacher but soon wanderlust set in and he quit teaching to take a job as a tour guide, tour operator, PR, sales and marketing man.
After 12 years in the industry, Pham Manh Ha found his own business in 2004 providing luxury tours in Vietnam.
Pham Manh Ha who is determined to create the most unforgettable travel experiences for high-end tourists.
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[+] Spoken Languages: English, French and Vietnamese


Mr. Nguyen Cuu Hung - Director of Sales & Marketing

Thank God to give me the opportunities to explore the most interesting places in Vietnam and Indochina. Now I am happy to share with you my experience of all Southeast Asia destination, one of the world's most diverse and compelling regions. Luxury Travel specializes in high end travel packages in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How will you get there if you don’t have an itinerary ?

Together with my colleagues at Luxury Travel , we guarantee to provide “wow” services to the most sophisticated travelers with luxury, privately guided and fully bespoke touring holidays, which promise authentic, unique and exclusive, once-in-a-life time experiences coupled with personalized customer service..


[+] Spoken Languages: English and Vietnamese


Mr. Thang Phan, English Sales Manager

Hi all. I'm Thang Phan, but my nickname is Apan.I used to be a shy, modest teenager, but it seems that destiny led me to a career in tourism, because everything changed when I chose to study at the Hanoi University of Culture -Tourism Faculty in 2001. I developed a hunger to travelfrom place to place: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, etc.I am always looking to explore the life of others, expand my vision to the world, and explore myself also.

Day by day, my love of traveling to new countries continues to grow. Now, I'm proud and excited to introduce our countries to visitors from around the world. Consider me a local friend and I will show you howwonderful our destinations and their people can be.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, Chinese and English


Ms. Pham Hien, Sale Executive

Hi, I am Pham Hien, but, please call me by my first-name “Hien”. I am an English sales executive at Luxury Travel Company.Today I would like to share with all of you a secret. I graduated from Faculty of Tourism and specialized in Tour-guide &Travel. I used to be a tour-guide during my student life, then I realized I wanted to be a tourism consultant and share tour experiences with other people. That is why I am here, so if you need any help visiting the Indochina area, Thailand and Myanmar, please come to us. Luxury Travel always welcomes sophisticated travelers. You will be sure to have a wonderful holiday!

My hobbies are traveling, reading and cooking. I love hanging out with friends and intelligent conversation. I love all kinds of music, but R&B & Pop is tops for me. How about you?

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, English


Ms. Quynh - English Sales Executive

Xin chao. My name is Quynh Nguyen (full name Nguyen Thu Quynh).

Travel is my passion and I have worked in the tourism industry as a tour guide since I left university. I like to discover the beautiful and new place so I traveled to Halong, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon, Mekong … and Angkor Wat, Siemreap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Now I decided to spend the rest of my life to share my experience, personalized, first-hand knowledge to visitors. I still remember a poem that H. C. Andersen wrote is so true and so beautiful: "To move, to breath, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote. To travel is to live.” – H. C. Andersen

This has been my inspiration to make travel my career and to create life experiences and lasting memories for our clients. So let's go explore wonderful destinations and have marvelous experiences. We here at the Lux family are committed to providing you with “wow” services in the Indochina Peninsula.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, English.


Ms. Duong - English Sales Executive

Xin chao. Duong Vuong is my name.

I am a newcomer at Luxury Travel but I am excited to work with an experienced team who were here from the very beginning of the company. I was impressed by Luxury Travel for its great working environment and professional style. I have learned a lot during the time I have worked here and I totally believe in the bright future of the company. I expect to enjoy my time with Luxury Travel and experience great personal and professional growth.
I like travelling and sharing my ultimate experiences with all of you. We deliver the most sophisticated clients like yourself unforgettable experiences and I am the artisan of your leisure vacation by creating you inspirational touring holidays. If you plan to travel to Indochina, please email our company email and mention my name for your tailor made experience within 24 hours, free of charge.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, English.


Ms. Quynh Anh, English Sale Executive

Xin Chao! I am Quynh Anh. When I was a little girl, I always wondered what I want to do & how to discover our big world. I used to keep my eyes on the air planes flying above the sky & made a wish that once day I would go around the world.

Until I chose to study tourism at Hanoi Open University, I realized how much I love travelling & I really want to dedicate the rest of my life for this exciting industry. Step by step, I have been making my dreams come true as traveling from place to place: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. I experienced myself with the famous quote by Augustine of Hippo - "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only the first page".

I do hope to become a tourism consultant to share my experiences with the others, as a trustful local friend - my beloved tourists. That's why I am here at the Lux family are committed to providing you with "wow" services & the most unforgettable travel experiences.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese and English


Ms. Thom, Espanol Sale Executive

Hi, I'm Thom & you can call me as Miranda. I've been working at Luxury Travel Vietnam since August 2013. I love traveling and I am very happy that this job give me opportunity to give tourist advice on where to go and what to do in our beautiful country.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, Espanol and English


Mrs. Thanh Xuan – Senior Sales and Marketing Executive

Xin chao! My name is Xuan. After a few years working as tour guide I decided to join the Luxury Travel sales team. It is great to work with travelers and show them beautiful parts of Vietnam that not many people know. I do hope that with our effort Vietnam will be a popular destination around the world in a few years. If you want to have a great new experience, come to Luxury Travel, serving today’s sophisticated travelers.

[+] Spoken language: French and Vietnamese


Ms. Hoa- German Sales Executive

Hello, my name is Hoa.

I was born in Hanoi and I am the Sales Executive for the German market at Luxury Travel Ltd.'s Hanoi head office. Traveling is my passion, and I have visited Germany, France, Austria and Italy. For professional purposes, I also visit many locations in Indochina and particularly like Halong Bay.

I am interested in many cultures, cuisines, stories and luxury travel, which is why I chose to work with this amazing company. I want to introduce German speaking tourists to my beautiful country and the numerous wonderful destinations from North to South Vietnam.

Let us take you on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, through the history, art and culture of the Indochinese Peninsula as you discover theses exotic lands with your five senses, your heart and your soul.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, German


Mr. Huu Toai, IT Manager

Hi, my name is Huu Toai but my friends usually call me “Nicky”. I was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City – the biggest city of Vietnam, have traveled to Hanoi and currently work at Luxury Travel's head office. I want to get to know more about the people, culture and social life in the north of my country. I like traveling, listening to music, browsing websites and more…

[+] Spoken Languages: English and Vietnamese


Mrs. Huong Pham, Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Huong Pham. “Suwany” is my nick name which was given to me by our clients. I've just married and I'm very happy with my new life and my family.

My hobbies are travelling, shopping, cycling, walking and playing tennis. I am here with my operations team to ensure that you have a memorable holiday in our country with our company.

[+] Spoken Languages: French, Chinese, English and Vietnamese


Mr. Tuan Anh

Xin chao ! My name's Tuan Anh from Operations Department.

I love my job in Luxurytravel where I help ensure that everything is set before tour runs and making sure all those little details are ready for guest's arrival.

I think traveling is an experience with many emotions. Therefore, I always do effort to bring the best one to customers as you deserve it. And nothing is more wonderful than when I might see your satisfaction smile on tour

[+] Spoken Languages: English and Vietnamese


Mrs. Ha Nguyen, Operation Executive

My name is Ha Nguyen. After graduating from Hanoi Open University (Faculty of Tourism), I worked as salesperson at a hotel for several years before becoming a tour operator at Luxury Travel. It is great to work at Luxury Travel with our team, which is experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic. Working for guests' satisfaction & convenience are my goals.

I like traveling with my friends on the weekend and holidays and love the feeling of “family atmosphere” when I come back to my hometown. I do hope that I have chance to travel around the word.

[+] Spoken Languages: English and Vietnamese


Mrs. Huong Pham, Operation Executive

Dear Travelers, My full name is Pham Thu Huong. After graduating from Hanoi Teachers’ Training College of Vietnam National University, I worked as a teacher of English and French for over 12 years. I have travelled to all parts of the country, love exploring and enjoy making people happy.

I also wish to introduce the wonders of our beloved Vietnam to others, so I have decided to change my career path and join Luxury Travel Ltd., working as a tour operator in the Hanoi Head office.

In our company, luxury travel is being redefined as experiential, and my mission is to provide you with top notch service for your smooth as a silk holiday, by seeing the big picture and also by giving constant attention to the smallest details. Our colleagues and I believe that you take travel to heart. We’ll help you realize your passion for travel by sharing our insider knowledge, utilizing our connections that get you access to unique places and getting you to one-of-a-kind experiences in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.

[+] Spoken Languages: French, English and Vietnamese


Ms. Loan - Chief Representative & Tour Operator at Luxury Travel Ltd Ho Chi Minh

My name is Loan

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, English


Mr. Ha Van Hiep, Chief Representative & Tour Operator at Luxury Travel Ltd Danang

Born and raised in Hoi An, I now live in Danang with my lovely wife and son. Igraduated from the Foreign Language University in Danang, and I have also studied in the BBA(bachelor of business administration) program, including tourism management courses. I have workedas a tour operator at with other travel companies prior to joining Luxury Travel Ltd. I am proud to be a part this award winning specialist in Asia travel and honored to serve today'smost sophisticated travelers.

My view is that, withnew luxury resorts, airports and air links, Danangis becoming more appealingthan Bali or Phu Ket and its beach has been voted one of the world's best. Also, there is a trio of nearby UNESCO World Heritage sites. Iam here to help you, ensure that you enjoy every moment in Central Vietnam, and to see that our service exceeds your expectations. Call me at +84932449777 aroundthe clock for any assistance while you are touring or holidaying in Central Vietnam (Quang Binh-Hue-Danang-Hoian-Quy Nhon).

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese, English


Ms. Thanh Tam,Chief Accountant

“Friendly” and “professional” are two words that I first felt while working in Luxury Travel Co., Ltd. I hope to continue in that spirit as I and my colleagues provide you with an exciting journey.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese and English


Mrs. Le Nhi, Admin and Cashier

We love our country and its destinations, and we do our best to make sure that our customers feel the same way. Our team is there to ensure that you have a memorable trip to Vietnam. Beyond our assistance in selecting the ideal hotels, we bring you to most stylish shops and trendy restaurants, while providing you with personal service and attention to detail throughout your tour. Our guides know how to make your travel experience truly special, hassle-free, and truly enriching. Nothing is impossible at Luxury Travel.

I am proud of our colleagues and our company values. I work at Luxury Travel Family as an admin and cashier. I am behind the curtain for the success of each tour, making sure that our tour guides have enough money for daily expenses and that our hotel and resort partners have received money before you check in.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese and English


Mrs. Lan (so called chi Lan) - Housekeeper

My name is Lan and my job is a pleasure. My colleagues regard me as one of their important colleagues. I keep Hanoi head office clean, tidy and professional looking. I like everything here in our company. I also take care of 2 kids as well as my husband and have just purchased a new house, making me quite happy.

[+] Spoken Languages: Vietnamese


Ms.Hanna Manuel, Sales & Marketing Office in Europe

Hanna Manuel is a veteran in the sales and marketing of Vietnam, Asia and long haul travel destinations. She has been actively developing European business for 5 star and luxury resorts and hotels in Asia since 1987 and in Vietnam since 2002. Having been a hotelier and a European buyer herself, (managing an incentive house and tour operator based in Belgium), Hanna has also visited and operated travel to the most upscale hotels and resorts, operating the most unique and upscale travel programs in at least 80 countries. Ensuring honesty, competence and long term relationship building as her priority in business, Hanna is a respected and trusted personality by the European tour operators and incentive agencies. Hanna leads a team based in Belgium handling European business development. Having an Asian heart and a European mentality, Hanna brings added value in understanding and meeting European buyer needs

[+] Spoken Languages: English, Dutch


Mrs. Elena Bogatyrew - Representative of Luxury Travel Ltd. in Argentina for the Latin American Market.

Greetings from Argentina!

My name is Elena Bogatyrew, and together with Bielka Representations, I represent Luxury Travel in Argentina for the Latin American Market. I am passionate about helping clients and it is a pleasure to be part of the professional team of Luxury Travel. My team and I are excited to assist in promoting such beautiful countries as Vietnam and its Southeast Asian neighbors, as well as being able to utilize the unique travel experiences created by Luxury Travel for the knowledgeable traveler. I really enjoy traveling and working in the travel industry, and during my twenty years in the business, I have worked with people of different cultures, and it is these experiences that have richly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

[+] Spoken Languages: Spanish, English


Jean, representative in Australia and New Zealand

I am co-branded with Luxury Travel. I am based in Brisbane, and am thrilled to be their representative in Australia and New Zealand. I can totally recommend Luxury Travel Vietnam Co for greatest attention to detail with all their services!

We are the only Tour Operator in SE Asia who offer ‘Fully Escorted Concierge Travel Tour Services. ‘Comte Des Cierges’- The term "concierge" is evolved from the French Comte Des Cierges, The Keeper of the Candles, who tended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era.

Allow me to be your Concierge – together we’ll discover the timeless charms of S E Asia.

Experience our fully escorted high Lux Special Interest Tours. We have a range of exclusive Fully Escorted Tours… Pilates Tour Vietnam, Cooking with an Author, An artist escape Laos & Vietnam, an exclusive Golfing Tour, A Girls Only with a Personal Stylist/Shopper, Art, Antiques & Decor of S E Asia, with a specialist shopper!, Reliving Gatsby Glamour Myanmar, and many more on the horizon..

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