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Ly Son Island – Vietnam Travel Guide

Ly Son Island, well known by the name “the kingdom of garlic”, locates in Quang Ngai province. With many historical, cultural relics and fascinating tourist areas, Ly Son is considered as an amazing and noticeable tourist destination in Quang Ngai. After stepping out of your cheap flights to Vietnam, you will have an unforgettable trip when visiting Ly Son Island.

Ly Son is a gorgeous island that can be visited anytime throughout the year. However, to get the most out of your trip to Ly Son, it is recommended to book cheap flights to Vietnam during:

Summer: From June to September, sunny weather is excellent for going to the beach. Summer is also the season of water melon, a specialty of Ly Son.
Garlic season: Garlic is grown in September and harvested in early December. Going to Ly Son during this time, you will have an opportunity to enjoy many yummy and special garlic dishes.


Tourists can take cheap flights to Vietnam and book domestic flights in Vietnam to reach Chu lai Airport. After that, catch a taxi or a bus to Quang Ngai city. Also, you can reach Quang Ngai city by sleeping bus or by train from either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

In the early morning tomorrow, go to Sa Ky Port to buy tickets. At 8 AM every day, there is a high-speed boat from Sa Ky Port to Ly Son Island, which takes about 1 hour. If you miss that boat, you can travel by a local boat carrying goods, which departs at 9h AM but takes almost two hours.

There are two famous restaurants on the island including Vien Dong and Thuy Son (near Hang Temple). You can book beforehand to enjoy the famous specialties of Ly Son, notably seafood and salad garlic. Usually, seafood dishes are cooked after they have just been caught from the sea. Therefore, they are fresh and very delicious although they are only steamed with ginger or citronella. Also, salad garlic is simple but truly exotic dish that you cannot miss when visiting Ly Son.

Personal documents should be carried, which will make getting accommodation on island more convenient. Here are some hotels on Ly Son island including Ly Son hotel, Vien Dong hotel, Hoa Bien hotel and Dai Duong hotel.

Also, some guest houses near the quay are priced at VND80, 000 per room per night. In case they are full, local people can offer their houses for rent.

As the only and the most unique volcanic island of Viet Nam, the main attraction of this island is its tranquility as well as its untouched and pristine nature with clean, unspoiled powder-sand white beaches and memorial historical places.


The clear turquoise water of the sea and colorful coral reefs make a perfect picture of paradise. Going to Ly Son, you can relax on the sunny, secluded beaches, listen to the harmony of the waves crashing against the shore and enjoy delicious local specialties. You can play with the waves and feel the tingling of the small pebbles under your feet.

Watching twilight on the beach is also a should-not-be-missed experience. The sun sets at horizon with little light shining down weakly on the surface of the water create such a romantic and splendid landscape of Ly Son.

Rocks and mountains

The wild and gigantic beauty of rock mountains on Ly Son, such as Thoi Loi, Gieng Tien, Hon Vung, Hon Soi and Hoi Tai, is the island’s pride. Particularly, Thoi Loi is the highest mountain top in five craters in Ly Son. Once on top, visitors will be amazed by the magnificent view of the surrounding landscape with immense fields of green grass in the pan-shaped valley and a whole world of colors from the blue ocean, white sand, and red basalt soil to the green garlic fields.

Historical places

There are more than 50 ancient pagodas, temples and relics in Ly Son such as:

Hang Pagoda was built in the 16th century using a natural cave. This pagoda is hidden by an ancient giant tree and is endowed with many beautiful stalactites.

Duc Pagoda was built on a cave in a mountain and is striking due to a 27-meter-high Bodhisattva statue facing the sea.

An Hai communal house was built during the reign of King Minh Mang in 1820. It’s the oldest building still preserved on the island, with engraved timber girders and beams.

An Vinh Temple was built for worshipping ancestors who explored and reclaimed the land four centuries ago. Also, there is an offering ceremony to the souls of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa soldiers in the third lunar month every year.

Am Linh Pagoda was built to worship the soul of sailors who died during long voyages to Hoang Sa and Truong Sa islands.

Little Island

If you have more time, you should catch the boat to Little Island at 8 AM. Despite the small area, Little Island has a very beautiful beach with smooth white sand. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and the white foam rushing all day.

Like a beautiful magical oasis hidden among the immense earth, Ly Son Island, a treasure of Quang Ngai province, is named paradise on the East Sea. For life-long memory of Ly Son, booking a travel to vietnam and enjoy the natural beauty and grandeur of this island!

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