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FIT Buenos Aires

FIT Buenos Aires 2018: A Global Platform For Vietnam Tourism

FIT Buenos Aires 2018

An internationally famed trade fair for tourism and hospitality industry, FIT Buenos Aires 2018 will be hosted in Buenos Aires from September 29, 2018 to October 2, 2018. With the passing years, this international tourism program of Latin America has transformed into a multi-faceted event encompassing all disciplines of tourism and hospitality industry under one roof starting from airlines, hotels and resorts, tourist boards and associations, travel agencies, leisure to business travel operators, group tour organizers, MICE and speciality tourism experts, cruise and ferry service providers, tourist attractions, reservation systems, technology, and telecommunication, mass media, and destination management companies.

FIT Buenos Aires 2018

Every year, FIT America Latina creates and contributes a new dimension for the tourism and hospitality industry and this year, the event expects to welcome more than 90 thousand visitors in 4 days which include both industry experts and professionals and travelers. This international tourism trade fair opens the gateways for international business opportunities leading towards the potential and sustainable growth of the travel industry. FIT Buenos Aires 2018 will be a great opportunity to discover deeper insights into the industry and its future trends while strengthening new business relationships.

Download the FIT Buenos Aires programme agenda here.

Importance of Southeast Asian Tourism at FIT Buenos Aires 2018

Luxury Travel Vietnam will be participating in this FIT Buenos Aires to present the timeless charm of Vietnam and Indochina tourism. Southeast Asia has turned into one of the most fascinating vacation escape for Latin American travelers. This is quite evident from global statistics and data as published by the World Travel & Tourism Council. In addition to that, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism also published their recent data which confirms the rapid growth of Latin American travelers to Southeast Asia. Vietnam welcomed 64,674 Latin American travelers in 2017 and so far in the first 7 months of 2018, the country welcomed a total 42,416 Latin American visitors and is expected to outsmart last year’s data more significantly by the end of 2018.

FIT Buenos Aires presents a global platform for industry specialists and entrepreneurs extending an opportunity for closing important business deals and strong networking session for future business development. This tradeshow aims at generating prospects for the businesses while nurturing business alliances. Many business leaders and investors share their insights and ideas to promote new business opportunities, paving the way for an overall growth and development.

Latin American tourists in Hoi An

In the early 90s, the popularity of Southeast Asian tourism began through the eyes of Latin American backpackers and for the past two decades, the trend has gone heaps and bounds making Southeast Asian destinations as one of the favorite holiday destinations for all kinds of travelers from backpackers to the most sophisticated luxury travelers. The cultural distinctiveness of Asian countries along with its diverse landscape are the main attractions for Western travelers. Sensing the orientation of the perspectives of today’s travelers, Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos have decked itself with luxury accommodations and travel services that focus on “Touching Hearts” of the discerning travelers from western countries.

Changing faces of Southeast Asian Tourism for high-end travelers

The industry expert and the Founder CEO of Luxury Travel Vietnam, Mr. Pham Ha said, “For the last 5 years, we have experienced a significant surge in the number in Latin American travelers in Vietnam, many of whom are looking forward towards high-end tourism that includes more of experiential traveling and discovering behind the scene beauties. The recent trends and client needs reflect that travelers are looking for more authentic encounters in Indochina to experience the contrasting Asian culture and heritage which encourage us towards crafting niche travel experiences and services for discerning tourists.”

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He continued, “Southeast Asia is an increasingly famous spa destination and this has paved the way for more and more boutique-style spa resorts. Yoga holidays and golf tourism are also highly in vogue in Southeast Asian tourism in recent years. Taking this opportunity, Vietnam has introduced a number of exclusive golf courses while adding its name in the list of best golf destination in Asia. Many free independent travelers look for private leisure transfers and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences through jets, helicopters or seaplanes. To meet these kinds of special interest tourism, we have upgraded our services with more tailor-made facilities and precise style for our selective class of clients who cherish to enjoy and experience impeccable services.”

Infrastructural Development in Vietnam

The tourism and hospitality industry of Indochina Peninsula has drastically evolved its outlook to be in the global limelight with its exclusive ultra-luxury services and facilities. The infrastructure has passed through a significant revolution adding a number of boutique accommodations along with international 5-star hotel chains like Six Senses, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Marriott and so on, 5-star as well as boutique cruises navigating through the heritage past reconnecting the people and places and themed restaurants to inculcate the indigenous stories to portray in front of the world.

View from Emperor Cruises Suite

Emperor Cruises is the first all-inclusive 5-star vessel that sails through the karst seascape of Halong Bay, Nha Trang, and Cat Ba to allow its high-end guests to explore the behind the scene destinations in imperial style. The Red River is the lifeline of North Vietnam that preserves a lot of heritage and tradition since time immemorial. Heritage Cruises is the first ever boutique styled 4-star vessel to navigate through the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin.

With all these new introductions and exclusive elements, Southeast Asia has undeniably turned into a dream holiday destination for westerners and some countries like Vietnam and Cambodia are leading the line with an aim to reform the entire scenario of Southeast Asia tourism by 2020.

About Luxury Travel Ltd.

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Luxury Travel Vietnam is highly excited and looking forward with great hope towards this forthcoming international show FIT Buenos Aires. The company aims at extending and establishing new business relationships with Latin American representatives who are willing to sell upscale travel services and products to their client base. These business alliances will not only augment the business goals and profit radar of the individual companies but will also create a deep impact on the socio-economic progress of the two countries.

The recent economic status of Latin America is quite impressive and owing to this healthy financial position, the expense rate on traveling for Latin Americans has increased a lot. According to World Travel & Tourism Council report of 2018, expenditure on outbound travel for Latin America increased from 51 billion USD in 2016 to 55.4 billion USD in 2017 (8.7% YoY growth) and expected to reach 56.9 billion USD in 2018 (2.7% YoY growth) and 78.2 billion USD by 2028. This report gives a significant indication of a prosperous untapped market for the entire tourism industry.

Luxury Travel understands the importance of the diversified market in Latin America and so, its Spanish representative, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thom will be attending the event to represent three major brands at FIT America Latina: Luxury Travel Vietnam, Emperor Cruises and Heritage Cruises.

Luxury Travel Vietnam warmly invite all industry leaders and professionals to join and meet Mrs. Thom at this event at Stand: 2109 with a hope to have a good networking session with the chance to share ideas and updates that can lead to a prospective business partnership in future. The company will be updating with all new experiences from its luxury travel packages in Southeast Asia.

The details of FIT America Latina in Buenos Aires are as follows:

Date: 29 September 2018 – 02 October 2018

Time: 10.00 AM onwards

Stand: 2109

Venue: La Rural Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Address: Avenida Sarmiento 2704, C1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina

For a prior appointment for FIT Buenos Aires, get in touch with Luxury Travel here.