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How Luxury Travel Can Reach Bleisure Travel Customers

How Travel agents should be crafting packages to attract bleisure travelers.

What Is All About The Bleisure Travel Trend?

Bleisure Travel allows the Business Travelers to combine business with leisure in one same trip. It helps to find the right balance between work fulfillment and personal gratification while combining the work commitments with happiness in discovering a new place and giving even more purpose to their travel.
If we try to build the profile of an average bleisure traveler, it would be a professional, in their twenties to early fifties and that, as long as its corporate travel policies allow them, would be happy to mix business with leisure on a business trip.
This trend has been clearly encouraged by millennials business travelers, which are driving it by extending their business trips by a few days so they can experience local attractions. Companies have started to realize the value of bleisure trips to retain millennial talent and are accepting to enhance business travel with leisure options such as events and activities and sightseeing.

Bleisure travel with Luxury Travel

This is a new ideal situation for travel suppliers as it offers a clear opportunity to tackle those business travelers that wish to extend their stay. And many business travelers wish to bring their family together so more people can enjoy the need for daily tours and luxury accommodations at the same time. When it makes little sense to go all around the globe only for 24 to 48 hours, travelers might extend their stay and enjoy the place they are visiting.

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How To Attract Bleisure Travelers

The best way to tackle Bleiusure Travelers is to propose easy and all taken care of packages so everything, just as for how its business meetings are scheduled and set. As they don’t have a lot of time and want to taste the best of the country they are in it, holiday packages of a few days with high-end accommodations, private services and daily tours all taken care of is ideal.

With the increasing globalization of business and technology, the line between business and leisure travel will keep dissipating itself in the years to come.

Data from the BrainTrust Business Barometer, shows according to José Manuel Brell, co-director of the Tourism Barometer, “the price will always be an important decision value, both for leisure trips and business trips, but the Customer Experience and above all the flexibility and comfort offered to customers. Companies must change their priorities, moving from focusing on the product to focusing on the customer, offering added value and personalized proposals. ” At Luxury Travel we agree that the luxury of a holiday, MICE or bleisure lies in the personalization, and careful attention to details so that everything goes according to plan and that someone like our travel experts is here to help in the case there is something to be fixed. It is a gain of time and a lack of hassle for the travelers that choose to work with our travel experts to crafts their stopover tours, or a 100%tailor-made itinerary including the best accommodations and private service.

If you wish to know more about our short stay packages, have a look at our stopover tours here.

The price will always be an important decision value, both for the travelers of leisure as for those of business, but the client experience and above all the flexibility and comfort that is offered to travelers is what will make you stand out.

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It’s All In The Services

Bleisure travel with Luxury Travel

Our mission statement is to deliver “wow” services for holidays in Southeast Asia with luxury, privately guided and bespoke itineraries with our excellent customer care.

In those are included our own modern fleet of vehicles of a high standard, and other modes of transport including private yachts, private jets, helicopters and luxury trains. When tackling the business travelers clients it is great to have a broadened perspective to be able to suggest and, if wanted, include an option for bleisure travel on the itinerary that can go from a quick personalized city tour or one day excursion, to a group stopover tours around the most emblematic parts of the country the customer is visiting.

And that, is the role of the travel agent. To identify a need and provide access to all the many possibilities that help combine business with pleasure.


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