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Irrawaddy river Cruise

Irrawaddy River Cruise- An Experience to Behold in Myanmar

During the bygone years, the extraordinary timeless allure of Myanmar has been cherished by only a few. The recent years, however, welcomed a lot of international travelers to get drenched into its traditional charm and beauty. Complementing the slow-paced lifestyle of the country, slow traveling is becoming more significant in Myanmar tourism, leading to the discovery of heritage, local lifestyle and authentic essence of Myanmar by the Irrawaddy River cruise. Sketching the lifeline, civilization and economic development of Burma, the Irrawaddy River is the sole identity of the country. So Irrawaddy River cruise is a one-of-its-kind travel experience that unveils the most beguiling jewels and hidden treasures of Burma and today’s Myanmar.

Irrawaddy River cruise

Political instability was the main reason that refrained the discerning travelers to discover the most ancient splendors of Indochina in Myanmar during the early years of the 21st century but today, the political constancy, a dramatic development in tourism infrastructure and a new range of tourism products and services have paved the way for a revolutionary transformation in Myanmar tourism. Owing to its traces of ancient civilization and spiritual elegance, Myanmar tours are considered as one of the best of Indochina tours.

River Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwady, the official name of the river originates from the confluence of the N’mai and Mali rivers and drains down the waters of the mountainous glaciers of the Himalayas. The Irrawaddy River is the principal and commercial waterway of Myanmar, adding livelihood to most of the regions from north to south before emptying into the Andaman Sea. Unlike other river cruising experience in Southeast Asia, Irrawaddy River cruise uncovers the most extraordinary extravaganzas of Indochina which was incredibly portrayed in his poem by the famous English poet, Rudyard Kipling.

“By the old Moulmein Pagoda, looking lazy at the sea; On the road to Mandalay” – Rudyard Kipling

Irrawaddy River Cruise Discoveries

Irrawaddy River is a witness of everything that the nation has experienced since time immemorial- the developments of Burmese kingdoms to British colonization, along with its spiritual and religious highlights. As you sail upstream or downstream in between Mandalay and Yangon touching the incredibly beautiful and culturally rich historical and pilgrimage sites, you will learn about new discoveries. The voyage route lets you admire one of the oldest and the most iconic pagoda of ancient Burma from the 11th century, the famous Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan. En route, you will come across many other Buddhist temples like Ananda Temple of the 12th century, World Heritage Site of Pyu Ancient Cities of 200 B.C., Kyauk Myaung, Pakkoku, First Anglo-Burmese War site which marked the beginning of British Raj in Burma and many more.

Irrawaddy River cruise discovering Bagan

The downstream voyage uncovers a distinctive angle of Myanmar. This wide expanse of wetland in the Irrawaddy Delta Region dissected by 9 tributaries and many more estuaries is the rice basket of the country and the homeland of the ancient ethnic Mon community. Besides the enduring scenic view of bucolic Myanmar, Irrawaddy River cruise through the delta areas also unveil the contrasting faces of the region which was devastated by Cyclone Nargis in 2008. However, post-calamity the region has gone through dramatic changes to reshape their lives once more. Meeting the locals, enjoying the art of fishing and collecting turtle eggs and learning about their livelihood are some of the key highlights of this experiential travel across the heart of Irrawaddy.

The scenic Irrawaddy River cruise also lets you spot wildlife like the Irrawaddy dolphin and the migratory birds along with a rich trove of biodiverse flora and fauna of the Bay of Bengal region.

Irrawaddy River Cruise Itineraries

Experiencing Golden Land voyage to discovering ancient capitals and sailing downstream through the creeks and streams past the jungles and rustic habitats, Irrawaddy River cruise extends contrasting images of Burmese people, culture, heritage, and religious practices. Myanmar is a very popular destination among luxury travelers. The 100% private immersive tours in Myanmar with high-end experiences allow the travelers to experience the authentic feel of the country. Luxury Travel believes that tailor-made itinerary for this river cruise experience on the Irrawaddy is highly essential for the discerning travelers and depending on individual customization, port calls are flexible to design a perfect cruise itinerary covering all the preferred and highlighted destinations.

There are different kinds of voyage packages for Irrawaddy River cruise depending on the duration that the travelers are looking for.Myanmar Pottery Village

100% Private and Tailor-made Cruise Itineraries

  • Short Tour (4-5 Days): This short tour will let you explore the former capitals of Burma- Bagan, and Mandalay that sketch the 900 years old history of the country through ages. Step into the historic pilgrimage sites of Sagaing, Mingun, and Capture the panoramic view of the sprawling plain dotted with temples while learning about the local art of pottery. Alternatively, this 5-days voyage can take you through the Golden Land of Myanmar uncovering thousands of gilded temples shining in the Burmese skyline. The magical sunsets add glory to the scenic view.
  • Week Long Tour (7 Days): This itinerary is the most popular in Irrawaddy River cruise as it takes you through a round trip from Mandalay to Katha. The quintessence of Myanmar is well-experienced in this tour as you admire the pristine view of the countryside, the bustling trading ports, the lifestyle of the common Burmese and the beauty of remotely located Buddhist monasteries.
  • Long Voyages (11-12 Days)- This tour lets you discover the remote destinations and behind the scene stories of Burma. Irrawaddy River Cruise is combined with Chindwin cruising which is an ultimate discovery and experience for real cruise voyagers. Pay a visit to the secluded monasteries, the imperial kingdoms and witness the wide variations of nature and landscape.

Rediscovering Myanmar by Heritage Line

Redefining the ultimate experience of Irrawaddy River cruise, the luxury vessel Anawrahta from Heritage Line sails through the heart of the river while delivering the essence of heritage and nostalgia to its sophisticated voyagers. Inspired by the kingship era (1044-1077) and spirit of King Anawrahta who is considered as the founder of today’s Myanmar, this luxury vessel is designed by a balanced amalgam of sophistication and purity of the king along with the splendor and allure of British colonial period to reflect the real heritage and ambiance of Myanmar on-board.

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