Vietnam Golf Tourism – A Favourite For Gleisure Travelers

In 2017, IAGTO’s (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) Chief Executive, Peter Walton forecasted that there will be a perpetual growth in the demand of golf travel in the coming years and till 2020, the rate of growth will vary in between 5%-7%. During his speech at North America Golf Tourism Convention (NAC), he also added, “Outbound markets performing particularly well with European markets overall just above par.”

Golf tourism is a trending statement for a luxury leisure vacation. Golf tourism was quite popular in Europe and North America but in the last decade, the emerging demand of most golfers and even amateurs to play golf in the midst of unbeatable backdrops has swayed the way for developing countries to invest on golf tourism. Vietnam is a big example of this list. Encompassing some of Vietnam’s world-class golf courses- King’s Island Golf Resort, The Dalat Palace Golf Club, The Paradise Marina Club, Star Golf and Country Club, Ocean Dunes Resort Golf Course to name a few, Vietnam golf tourism allows the avid golfers to enjoy their hobby complemented by unprecedented natural sceneries of mountains, lakes, and sea. Vietnam, once an emerging golf tourism destination has now turned into a high-end favorite for golfers across the globe, offering an increased competition to traditional Asian golf destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, China, and South Korea.

Why Vietnam Golf Tourism is a Favorite among Gleisure Travelers?

With its beguiling landscape and serpentine coastline, Vietnam is a highly captivating tourist destination, and when complements its golf courses in Danang, Dalat, Vung Tau, Thu Duc, Phan Thiet and Hai Duong with its elegance and lavishness, playing golf becomes more exhilarating and passionate.

Generally, professionals never get the chance to play golf during their business trips and hence bleisure travelers are not so common in Vietnam golf tourism. However, golfers love to combine multiple destinations during their gleisure vacation or leisurely golf tours. They usually prefer to experience unique and cultural highlights like the locals while striking over the awe-inspiring 18-hole or 27-hole golf courses in places like UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay.

Luxury Travel Vietnam has long years of unsurpassed knowledge and experience about the golf tours in Vietnam at the best golf courses in Vietnam and so it offers premium golf tours to its guests in captivating locations to complement the lush green courses with top-class facilities and also the spirit of the sport. Every detail is taken care of Luxury Travel team so that the golf enthusiasts can enjoy their gleisure vacations completely from golf courses to sightseeing pleasures.

Who are Gleisure Travelers?

Statistics reveal that most Asians, Australians, and Europeans fly to Vietnam for golf travel experiences. For Asian gleisure travelers from countries like South Korea, China, Japan, the duration of the trip generally remains short for 4-5 days but in a group of 10-30 golfers. Contrary to this trend, the Australian and European gleisure travelers prefer longer vacations from one to two weeks and usually travel in the small group ranging from 2-10 members.

Flight Convenience for Vietnam Golf Tourism

The trends show that any golfer looking for overseas golf holidays prefers direct flights for destinations. Vietnam has direct flights with most of European, Australian and Asian territories and this provides added convenience to the golfers.

Peak Season for Vietnam Golf Tourism

Australian gleisure travelers usually plan for their golf vacations in Asia during winter in Australia from June to October when Vietnam enjoys a pleasant season late summer, monsoon and autumn with low tourist season and lowest tariffs. On the other hand, Europeans have their season from November to March which is in generally a high tourist season and hence tariffs increases during these months.

Luxury Travel Vietnam Golf Tours

Golf holidays is a statement of luxury, class, and experience. Luxury Travel tour consultants design the Luxury Travel Vietnam Golf Tours with the touch of personalization adding high detailing to the itinerary and related services. Luxury Travel has more than 15 years of experience in delivering custom tailored golf tours in Vietnam for golfers from all over the world. These golf tours in Vietnam are designed based on finely selected golf courses to ensure that the tour is well complemented with stays in 4-5* hotels or resorts, refined cuisine, finest wine, 100% private tours to fantastic locations like historical and cultural destinations, nature sites, beaches or offbeat destinations based on the preference of the guests.

Luxury Travel Vietnam Golf Tours are not only dedicated to proficient golfers, but amateur golfers and non-golfers can also experience this tour to add a medley of beautiful memories to their travel diary. From the old alleys and French colonial buildings of Hanoi to the fascinating sea beaches of Danang, the valleys covered with vibrant hues of floral beauty of Dalat and the super lively city of Saigon, these ultimate golf tour destinations in Vietnam can be enjoyed along with other experiences like cruising Halong Bay or Mekong Delta, exploring the caves and grottos of Quang Binh, relaxing on the magical beaches of Nha Trang or simply discovering the secret paths of Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City which was built and used by the Vietnamese soldiers during war against America.


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