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Soon to be launched Halong Experience Travel Guide

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most stunning and breathtaking attractions – there is no other way of describing it. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and natural wonder of the world, the bay features thousands of limestone islands and cliffs emerging from the turquoise sea.

Vietnam vacation
Halong Bay, one of the New World Wonders

“Halong Experience Travel Guide 2017” is one part of the Discover Halong project which aims to promote Halong Bay, a natural World Heritage Site and its surroundings as destinations of destination for diverse cultural, historical, and contemporary arts, as well as other activities located in and around the Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam. The first issue is going to be released in early March, 2017 with 100 pages.

“We will not say too much about the wonderful Halong Bay landscape, as we intend to give our readers a first- hand experience of the Bay”, one of the members of the project shared.

“In the near future, we want to develop this guide into becoming the leading magazine about the local people in Halong Bay, similar to what we have achieved with the successful “Discover Nha Trang magazine” in Nha Trang. We hope this book will be the spiritual guide in providing very helpful information for both the local people and travellers”, Mr. Pham Ha, the CEO of Luxury Travel and co – founder of Emperor Cruises about the “Discover Halong” project.

How will it make a difference?

This guide is written by Ms. Anita Sach, one of the prestigious editors who specialize in writing books and magazines on tourism, who has lived in Vietnam and was a seasoned traveller in Halong Bay. Besides information on getting to and around destinations, it brings activities which she experienced there. The book contains many interesting stories about local people and their culture and activities in Halong Bay.

As an insider shares, the guide will describe all of the experiences about destinations, culture, activities…from a local’s viewpoint, featuring two main destinations Halong bay and Cat Ba islands. Through them, you will get to know about the variety of islands and caves in Halong halong-guide2bay and surroundings such as Bo Hon, Ba Mun island… and activities such as kayaking, trekking in Cat Ba island… “What could be better than to cruise on a traditional junk, its red sails contrasting with the towering dark grey limestone stacks and green islands which literally rise up out of the emerald green water. Tourists come away raving about the beauty, tranquillity and intriguing scenery, but many are concerned for the future because its fragile ecosystem, including offshore coral reefs, mangrove forests and freshwater lakes, could be endangered by its appeal to visitors”. Anita Sach stated on the guide.

This guide is presented for free at hotels, restaurants, trade shows, and airports… as one of the essential guides for everyone who travels to Vietnam and wants to explore Halong Bay’s natural World Heritage.

It will bring a similar layout to our “Discover Nha Trang” magazine, referring to the three parts: exploring the human aspects, discovering destinations and discovery through photos. It brings readers a sense of the people and the destination of Halong Bay. In publisher’s plan, they are intending to publish the next magazine about “Discover Halong” in four months and thereafter.