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Vietnam Tour with Kids

Southeast Asia Vacation Plan With Kids During US School Breaks

Since the inception of Luxury Travel Vietnam, we have always focused on family holiday packages as we strongly believe that greatest happiness is in family happiness.  We also follow one statement by a legend- “We Make a Living by What We Get, But We Make A Life By What We Give”- Winston Churchill. So to make you cherish your family relationships and design new memories, we create dynamic Southeast Asia holiday packages for families that involve the preferences and activities of every member of the family from elders to toddlers. However, this time we would like to recommend the family tour packages focusing on the kids.

southeast asia family tourIt is not always possible to plan an extended vacation with kids because of their academic schedule. Some kids-special Southeast Asia holiday packages are here that comply greatly with US School Vacations. The parents can also plan their vacations well in advance to make the most with their kids while enjoying a lovely vacation discovering the beauties of some unknown countries in Southeast Asia.

Summer Break Southeast Asia Holiday Packages

Multicountry Tour- Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar

indochina tourSummer break is the longest holiday in a year both for the kids and the parents. This is the perfect time to plan for long vacations and so we recommend multi-country tours during this time. Vietnam and the rest of Indochina are spectacular because of its natural extravaganza and cultural richness. The kids will discover many destinations and spectacular items of their preferences which they are already familiar with from the pages of their books.

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We at Luxury Travel Vietnam love to design tailor-made multi-country tours to portray the highlights of each destination. This allows the travelers to discover the most of multiple countries in one vacation. Our experienced travel experts handpick the destinations from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. We thoughtfully choose the destinations for bespoke itineraries that include the interest of the parents and kids. Our Southeast Asia holiday packages include a lot of activities to gift the best experiences as souvenirs from Indochina.

Southeast Asia Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are always in vogue in summer and Southeast Asia is a paradise for beach lovers. Besides, Thailand and Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia are also emerging as top beach destinations in Southeast Asia. So we never forget to include luxury beach escapes in these multi-country tour packages as kids have to build their sand castles on the pristine beaches and remote islands of Cat Ba, Mui Ne, Con Dao, My Khe, and Quy Nhon (Vietnam), Song Saa, Koh Tang, and Koh Rong (Cambodia), Mergui Archipelago and Ngapali (Myanmar) and Koh Lanta, Railey, and Phuket beaches (Thailand). Discovering the coral reefs and marine ecosystem is one of the favorite activities for both adults and kids in Southeast Asia beach holidays.

A perfect luxury summer escape for families with their little ones.

Best Time to Book: By April. Early booking deals are also available if booked 3 months in advance.

Fall Break Southeast Asia Holiday Packages

hoi an lantern townFall break generally commences in September or October and lasts for a week or two. Our recommendations include both one or two weeks’ holidays. September-October is a splendid season in subtropical countries like Vietnam and Cambodia.

For a week-long holiday, Vietnam is a great option to experience. Cruising the Halong Bay through the karst landscape and discovering the cinematic sites from the movie Kong: The Skull Island is a fantastic experience for the kids. Central Vietnam allows the travelers to experience the royal societies and kingdoms in Hue and the colonial culture in the lantern town of Hoi An. A short break to Phu Quoc or Nha Trang gives the essence of beach escapes and underwater amazement of Asian marine lives. South Vietnam is the doorway to experience modern war history and cruising through the small estuaries of the Mekong River, exploring the floating villages and meeting the locals.

Our Recommended Tour: Authentic Vietnam

angkor wat cambodia tour

Multi-country Tour in Two Weeks

For two weeks’ holiday, we have two kinds of recommendations- only Vietnam or a multi-country tour through Vietnam and Cambodia. A more extensive Vietnam tour through two weeks reflects the different aspects of the country, exploring more remote destinations and discoveries. Cruise to the untouched islands of Bai Tu Long Bay or explore the National Parks of Phong Nha-Ke Bang in Central Vietnam or enjoy birds watching or visit crocodile farm in Mekong Delta. New itineraries can be designed to remote islands and beaches where our travelers can enjoy complete private beach experience. On the other hand, Vietnam and Cambodia tour offers the highlights of Vietnam along with the best treasure of Cambodia and the most iconic and largest religious site in the world- the Angkor Wat.

Our Recommended Tours:

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Best of Vietnam and Cambodia

Best Time to Book: By August. Early booking deals are also available if booked 3 months in advance. For low season offers, additional discounts may be available.

Christmas and New Year Southeast Asia Holiday Packages

Thailand holidays luxury travelThe best part of the year celebrating the biggest festival needs to be very special for the travelers as well. When it is chilly cold winter in the US, Southeast Asia enjoys a gentle dry season with a clear sky and almost no rain. So holidays become more lively and filled with activities. This is the best time to avoid the hot and humid weather of tropical countries and dive into its unprecedented beauty to cherish the timeless charm.

Escape to the distant and remote islands of Thailand that unveils some adventurous yet spectacular world. Explore the limestone mountains, caves, and grottoes and cherish the adventurous spirit of your family. Tropical forests cover the colossal rocks jutting out from the sea. Marine world displays its vibrancy with colorful fishes and corals. Plenty of watersports and activities engage every member of your family.

Besides Thailand beach holidays, we also recommend for Southeast Asia cultural tour through Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. All these three countries including Northern Thailand bestow a rich trove of ancient heritage and culture. You will be able to discover the religious and imperial culture of ancient Indochina civilization which is completely in contrast with the western history and heritage. Southeast Asian culture tour is an exciting journey for the kids as it leads towards a superb learning experience as well as discovering completely different cultural values and ethics.

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Best Time to Book: By October. Christmas and New Year Holiday is a peak season. So we recommend for early bookings as we usually get fully booked by November. Early booking promos are applicable if booked 3 months in advance.

Spring Southeast Asia Holiday Packages

luxury travel myanmar tourSpring is undeniably the best time to explore Southeast Asia. However, as the vacation duration is not too long and is generally restricted to 7-10 days including Easter, it is better to select one country instead of a multi-country tour. Most of the Southeast Asian countries enjoy the best climatic weather in spring, but compared to Myanmar, other countries enjoy a relatively better weather in other seasons as well. So for Southeast Asia holiday package in spring, we recommend Myanmar as your preferred holiday destination.

Delve into the cultural highlights of Myanmar in the romantic spring and trail your ways through Yangon, Bagan before diving into the Indian Ocean from Ngapali or Mergui archipelago. Myanmar is a mystical nation with a lot to explore but unknown to the rest of the world. Myanmar beholds the greatest cultural treasures of Southeast Asia. The golden pagodas glittering in the skyline of Yangon, the temple-strewn backdrop of Bagan, the exquisite beauty of the countryside with smiling faces of ethnic Burmese are some of the inspiring experiences that you can enjoy in Myanmar. Amidst all sightseeing activities, beach fun, cultural tour and so on, you will surely get lost in the subtle beauty while enjoying the hot balloon ride over Bagan.

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Myanmar New Year in Spring- Experience An Essence of Southeast Asian Festivals

Spring is a very special time in Myanmar as they celebrate their traditional New Year Festival, Thingyan. Experiencing this festival in your extended spring vacation is a great opportunity to cherish the essence of Southeast Asian festivals. Get soaked in the charm, colors and utter friendliness of the people while celebrating Thingyan with the locals. It is also known as the water festival. It is celebrated for 5 days through various rituals.  They worship Buddha, exchange gifts, plays with water, perform colorful shows and processions and many more.

Best Time to Book: By January. Spring is always a peak season for Southeast Asia because of the soothing atmosphere. Grab early bird deals if booked 3 months in advance.

Thanksgiving Southeast Asia Holiday Packages

my son vietnamA short break in November but you can turn it into an exciting one with your kids by planning an overseas trip to Southeast Asia. Fly to Vietnam during this week-long holiday and immerse yourself in the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Vietnam. Vietnam is a very small country in the far east. However, it treasures some of the magnificent and iconic natural as well as cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Navigate through the majestic Halong Bay while enjoying a luxury cruising, discover the hidden grottoes in Trang An, step into the cave kingdom of Phong Nha Ke Bang in Central Vietnam where world’s largest cave, Son Doong Cave hides its wonderful cavern and then experience the ancient imperial heritage of Vietnam in Hue and the French colonial charm in Hoi An.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam ignites the allure of adventure and exoticism.  This Vietnam tour lets you immerse into the cultural highlights of ancient Vietnam.

Our Recommended Tours: Best Cultural and Heritage Tour Vietnam

Best Time to Book: By September. Early booking deals are also available if booked 3 months in advance. For low season offers, additional discounts may be available.

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