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top travel trends in 2019

Top Travel Trends in 2019

In 2018, Luxury Travel experienced a significant shift in the taste of travel experiences that travelers in South East Asia are looking for. The experiential travel market is influencing the travel industry. According to Phocuswright, tours, and activities in the global market is expected to exceed $183 billion by 2020 without any sign of a dip in the graph. Based on the service experiences and in-house data as accumulated through 2017 and 2018, Luxury Travel talks about the top travel trends in 2019 in Vietnam, Cambodia and rest of South East Asia and sketches the industry pathway.

In Destination Experiences

Today’s luxury travelers want to delve into the local authentic experiences to get the real feel of a region. They are no more satisfied with their ultra-comfy hotel suites or infinity pool, restro-bar and so on. They are seeking for unique and lifetime experiences while exploring local culture. Travelers now want to explore highly specialized niches. Since 2017, Luxury Travel Vietnam is experiencing a noteworthy demand for in-destination activities and experiences. Industry statistics and surveys confirm that this trend will be uprising now. As per TripAdvisor, non-hotel revenue for tours and travels will increase up to one-third by 2020 whereas Skift states in one of their recent surveys that 69% of travelers will likely to spend more on in-destination experiences instead of luxury hotels.

Tet in Vietnam

Based on the client’s demands and booking inquiries, Luxury Travel understood how local festivals in Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia are getting popular worldwide. People set their travel period around local festivals like Tet, Dalat Flower Festival, Songkran, Lantern Festival, Water Festival and so on. Besides these seasonal and cultural festivals, travelers also seek for dining experiences with locals, fishing tour in Nha Trang or Halong, luxury cruising by Emperor Cruises across the secluded islands and beaches in Cat Ba Archipelago or sometimes enjoying a romantic beach getaway at Salindo Resort on the private island of Phu Quoc.

Instant Experiences

Instant Destination Experiences

Travelers nowadays believe that traveling is all about authentic experiences and hence many of them do not book a complete itinerary with activities beforehand. They prefer to experience the destination physically, explore the unturned stones and immerse into local authenticities. This is why modern travelers look for a flexible itinerary to complement their impulse of traveling, sudden desire or change of mood and even weather condition. Luxury Travel offers on-time flexibility to all its travelers so that no traveler has to compromise on any experience or activity that they wish to enjoy. Luxury Travel handles instant bookings to celebrate the spontaneity of travel spirit of the travelers.

Silver-screen Influence

Tomb Raider Temple Cambodia

The cinema world is undeniably influencing the tourism industry to a great extent. The influence may not be direct but the impact is huge. The island got its name as James Bond Island in Thailand after the James Bond movie. As the movie Kong: Skull Island became a blockbuster in 2017, Ninh Binh and Quang Binh provinces in Vietnam got promoted to must-visit destinations in the world map. Tomb Raider movie has endorsed Ta Prohm temple as a must visit Angkorian temple besides Angkor Wat. The forthcoming new release, First They Killed My Father by Angelina Jolie is expected to raise the storm once again for Cambodian destinations.  

Solo Travel

luxury travel vietnam

Southeast Asia is well popular as one of the safest destinations for a solo traveler, especially for female travelers and the number of increasingly impactful. Industry figures show that the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are leaders in this trend. China has been a well-known country for all-inclusive group tours for many years. But now, Chinese tourism board shows a contrasting statistic where nearly 60% of its millennials went for international solo trips in 2018. The freedom of exploring the world in your very own way is driving the increasing popularity of solo travel. The number of solo travelers served by Luxury Travel in 2018 is quite high as compared to 2017.

First Explorer & FOMO Effect

FOMO travel trend

Explore the unexplored is the new art of traveling. Travelers want to be the first to experience something that is new to the entire world. Heritage Cruises has already started receiving its bookings to set sail for its maiden voyage in May 2019 through an unexplored sea route in the Gulf of Tonkin. The voyagers will enjoy first time experiences to explore Red River and Gulf of Tonkin by Heritage Cruises which is the first 4-star boutique cruise in Vietnam. Driven by the destination photos and videos on social platforms, many travelers suffer from the fear of missing out (FOMO) effect. The web world is playing the role of catalyst in fueling the desires of insta-worthy experiences for travelers. This will be a growing trend now.